LIG Sciences polydiacetylene nanotubes (PDNTs) are self-assembled diacetylene nanotubes comprised of cross-linking of conjugated double and triple bonds. These PDNTs have remarkable properties which include uniform dimensional structures and responsive chromic characteristics that can be utilized as is, within a solution, or self-assembled onto various substrates; such as silica, polymer, and metal surfaces.

LIG Sciences provides ideal lipids to your chemical, biological, and pharmaceutical research. Unlike chiral double-chain glycerol-based phosphatidcycholines, all LIG Sciences’ Lipids are simple, single-chain, diacetylenic lipids that have clearly separated hydrophilic head and hydrophobic tail groups. This simplicity will make it effortless to predict a molecular-self assembly mechanism following your fabrication of nanostructure on substrate.


Our Lipids are more stable against UV and other lights than other commercially available polymerizable lipids. In addition, our lipids are hydrolitically more stable than double-chained phosphatidylcholines, giving good longevity for room temperature/moisture condition. Since our Lipids are single-chain, the size of the molecule is about two times smaller than double-chain phosphatidylcholines. Thus, LIG Sciences’ Lipids are much less expensive that the phosphatidylcholine derivatives.


Applications include:

 - Stimuli-sensitive smart nanomaterial composites

 - Drug Delivery Systems (DDS)

 - Biosensors for viruses, bacteria, and glucose

 - Colorimetric pressure sensors

 - UV-based sensors

 - Nanoelectronics

 - Optics

 - Artificial retinas

 - Neuronal networks




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Diacetylene Lipid Monomers and Nanotubes

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