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Nanosilver Coated Textile

LIG Sciences through a SBIR grant from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institue (NHLBI) of NIH has developed nanosilver-immobilized textile coating technology (termed “LeeAg̉”). The development work has been focused on a proprietary coating system for textile fabrics. It has been demonstrated that nanosilver particles in the applied composite coating are effectively immobilized while maintaining the antimicrobial effectiveness of the textile, by allowing the exclusive release of silver ions.


Silver coated textiles created using the LeeAg̉ technology are flexible and do not release metallic silver particles. The technique involves chemically bonding nanosilver onto individual fibers. Both the great antibacterial properties and stable immobilization of nanosilver on textiles open up opportunities for special applications .


Having successfully shown that the immobilization technology is viable and can be mass produced at LIG Sciences’ facility, we are now looking to provide the nanosilver coated textiles to our customers and collaborators to develop a finished products.